Founded in 2008 

Moved to garden-like factory 

The first patent light source was made 

Investment in optical lens factory 

Hangzhou branch was established 

Rated as "Enterprise credit evaluation AAA credit enterprise"

China top 100 enterprise of LED lighting application

The world lighting industry LED lighting source outstanding brand

Zhongshan branch was established

Foshan branch was established 

Shenzhen lighting and display engineering industry association governing unit

China LED Pioneer enterprise award

Shenzhen technique innovation committee technology research projector undertaker

Established strategic cooperative with relations

Successful listed on NEEQ  

lished strategic cooperative with relations

Successful listed on NEEQ  

Projector light source is developed

Passed the ISO9001 system

Ningbo branch was established

Established strategic cooperative relations with world-class top chip-USA brand Bridgelux


Evaluated as "shenzhen innovative small and medium enterprises"

Yangzhou branch was established

Forbes Chian top 100 list of "potential enterprises"

China top 100 enterprises pf LED lighting application 

China LED Pioneering enterprise award

Completed the joint-stock restructuring

China LED top 30 enterprise of NEEQ award

2017 China led the most investment enterprise of the year award

China led industry special achievement award